January 6, 2021

Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Children

The effect that a divorce can have on a child is profound. Although discussing your divorce with your child can often be the hardest step in the process, it’s important that you handle it properly. In this blog, our Denver divorce attorney shares tips on how to minimize the impact of a divorce on a child.

Avoid Blaming
You can explain the terms of your divorce with your child without being overly critical of your ex-spouse. While this may be difficult to do, especially if the marriage is ending due to the actions of one particular parent, your child will see that there is still a mutual respect between you and your spouse.

Remember to Reassure
During the divorce transition, reassuring your child that he or she is still loved by both parents is extremely important. If you can’t promise that everything will remain the same, then don’t promise it. There will be differences in everyone’s lives once the divorce is finalized, and there is no use tip-toeing around the inevitable.

Keep the Discussion Open
There will be times when your child won’t want to discuss the divorce or talk to either parent regarding their separation, and you should let them have that time. Even if your child doesn’t have questions or comments right away, it’s not to say there won’t be any in the future. Keeping the discussion open allows your child to feel welcome to come to either parent to discuss how they’re feeling when they’re ready.

Establish a New Routine
A big part of every child’s life is their day-to-day routine, which can be greatly disrupted once divorce is on the table. Take the initiative and establish a new routine early on, and make sure it’s consistent. During the transition, it’s common for children to test the boundaries and behavioral rules. Be firm, but loving. As a parent, you can show that regardless of situation, you and your child will get through it as a family.

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