March 15, 2021

Benefits of an uncontested divorce

Divorce doesn’t always have to be a grueling process riddled with arguments and legal battles over things such as spousal support and property division. With an uncontested divorce, couples reach agreements without the need to hash out their disputes in court or in front of a judge. In this blog, our Denver divorce attorney at Peek Vasquez, LLC (former Peek Family Law, LLC) explores the benefits of an uncontested divorce.

Lower Costs
It’s no secret that expenses for divorce procedures can easily rack up. Since the process for an uncontested divorce is shorter, there are lower attorney fees and court costs for both parties. Divorces are stressful enough already without the added pressure of financial burdens and worrying about covering the overwhelming legal costs. With the money you save by having an uncontested divorce, you can focus on building a life after the divorce is finalized.

Time Saver
In uncontested divorces, both parties are normally in agreement of most of the terms of the divorce. This results in much less time and paperwork, which streamlines the entire process and minimizes the room for errors to be made. While a contested divorce can typically take several months or even longer, sometimes the process for an uncontested divorce can be done much quicker.

Lower Level of Conflict
If preserving a civil relationship between you and your ex-spouse is important, an uncontested divorce is most likely your best option. The process fosters a more cooperative environment that allows for open discussions to take place. While it’s unrealistic to assume that no conflicts will arise between you and an ex-spouse, the amount of disputes significantly decreases in an uncontested divorce.

The last thing you want when going through a divorce is for your information to be made public. Divorce proceedings and procedures are typically thought of as private and closed meetings, but when taking a divorce to court, documents outlining your financial and personal information becomes a public matter and is eventually made accessible through county records. In a divorce that is uncontested, less paperwork is filed which results in less information to be made public.

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