Denver Child Custody Modifications attorney

Denver Child Custody Modifications attorney

In a divorce involving children, child custody tends to be one of the most complex and contentious issues. This is because both parents have parental rights, and typically wish to play a major role in the upbringing of their child. While courts are usually hesitant to grant a substantial modification to the final child custody ruling, it is possible with the help of a skilled Denver family law attorney.
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When Can Custody Be Modified?
In Colorado, both parents must agree to a parenting plan, which dictates the time each parent spends with the minor child, plans for visitation on holidays, and other similar matters. If the parents cannot agree on such a plan, the court will create a schedule based on what they perceive as the best interests of the child.
To modify the parenting plan, your Denver family lawyer must prove that such a change will be in the best interests of the child based on a substantial change in circumstances. There are a very wide range of situations in which a permanent change to custody can be ordered, including:

  • The other parent moves a lot, creating an instable environment
  • Your child has been exposed to drug or alcohol abuse
  • The other parent has physically or mentally abused the child
  • The child is older, and their needs have changed

Oftentimes, the court will reduce or eliminate your visitation time if you had a history of drug or alcohol abuse at the time of the divorce. If you have taken steps to get your life back on track, you can apply for a modification to allow you to be involved in your child’s life.

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At Peek Vasquez, LLC (former Peek Family Law, LLC), our Denver family law attorney is truly dedicated to helping parents provide the best possible environment for their children. When you retain our firm to help obtain a child custody modification, you can expect a lawyer who is compassionate, communicative, and committed to your case. These custody orders are not set in stone – call us today to seek a change!

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