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In the state of Colorado, the Department of Human Services and the Courts may remove children if they are concerned for the health and safety of the child. Relocating a child because of allegations of neglect could cause tremendous emotional confusion and psychological trauma for the entire family. You must take every action possible to protect your rights and your children. That is why you should be represented by an experienced and compassionate Colorado dependency and neglect law firm.


When the stakes are high, you need a Colorado dependency and neglect attorney who is willing to go the distance to safeguard your rights and your children’s best interests. We at Peek Vasquez Family Law, LLC are ready to help. No matter how complex or contentious your case may seem, our Colorado dependency and neglect lawyers won’t back down until we have secured the best possible outcome.

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Dependency & Neglect Petition: What to Expect

Dependency and neglect matters typically start with Human Services (Social Services) receiving a report from a teacher, child care worker, doctor, neighbor, or other individual regarding suspected abuse or neglect of a child. Even if the reports are unfounded in your case, they will likely still come to your home to review the situation. At this point, Human Services has the power to remove your children from your custody and place them in temporary foster or family care. They may also start a court action that will work to terminate your rights as a parent.


If your child is taken out of your home, a dependency and neglect petition will be filed with the court. A temporary custody (shelter) hearing will also be held to determine where your child or children will stay while your case is open. Sometimes, it may take months to have your children returned to you or have your case dismissed. That is why it is so important that you retain a competent attorney in Denver who understands and knows how to help resolve your situation as quickly as possible.

Preparing for Child Abuse Charges

Human Services may use your statements made during conversations with the case worker against you in the adjudication trial. This is why it is so important to retain a Denver family law attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you protect your rights in both civil and criminal matters.

Potentially, you could face the following penalties for child abuse:

With so much on the line, it is crucial that you work with a legal advocate who can safeguard your and your family’s rights during this challenging time. From the start of a dependency and neglect petition, all the way through criminal accusations, you can count on our experienced family law office.

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Our Denver family lawyer has efficiently handled many legal disputes and battles with the Department of Human Services involving allegations of neglect and abuse. We have a thorough grasp on the laws surrounding child neglect, abuse, and dependency claims and can help prevent a child removal order from being issued if fabricated claims of abuse have been brought against you. Allow our firm to handle your case so that you can focus on what’s important— caring for your family. Representing our clients and ensuring that their legal issues are resolved and that their family goals are met are the primary goals at our family law firm.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your family law case, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced Denver family lawyers at Peek Vasquez, LLC (formerly known as Peek Family Law, LLC). When you require support with a dependency case or you’re filing for divorce, we can help you through this experience. Having a dedicated legal team at your side can make all the difference in protecting the rights of your family.

In addition to dependency and neglect cases, our experienced Colorado family law attorneys can represent you in many different types of family law cases. Some of the most common family law legal services we offer include alimony, divorce, child custody, mediation, relocation, military divorce, and even more. If there’s a way we can help you and your family in a time of need, we’ll do everything we can to support and guide you.

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