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Peek Family Law, LLC was founded on simple yet effective foundational beliefs. Since our firm’s inception, our primary mission has been to provide clients and families throughout Denver, Colorado with honest, effective, and compassionate legal advice. Whether you are facing possible child abduction by a former spouse, suspect your children are being neglected by a former spouse, or need assistance dissolving your marriage, our Denver family law attorney can help.

We stay current on all aspects of family law and use our knowledge to deliver results-oriented representation that focuses on achieving complete client satisfaction. If you wish to learn more about our specific areas of practice and how we can use our experience in family law for your benefit, simply read more below. We also encourage you to call our firm to schedule your no-obligation consultation!

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Abduction Prevention Abduction is an increasing problem in family law cases. Parents accidentally – or in some cases, willingly – abduct children who have been separated from them after a divorce. The state of Colorado recognizes the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act to prevent child abductions by parents or guardians before, after, or during a child custody proceeding.

Child Custody When a couple decides to separate or divorce, they will have to make tough decisions regarding the custody of their children. Custody – also known as the allocations and parental responsibilities in Colorado – can be determined in many ways. To protect your parenting privileges, you must speak with an attorney.

Child Support The state of Colorado calculates child support based on a number of different factors. Because the courts operate in the best interests of children, paying child support will be a financial obligation for parents to fulfill. Consult a Denver family lawyer to learn more about the court-approved guidelines for child support.

Common Law Marriages The state of Colorado recognizes “common law” marriages and treats them the same as any other legal marriage. Common law marriages can be entered into by men and women who are at least 18 years of age and typically require that the couple intends to have a marital relationship, live together, and have a reputation of being husband and wife.

Dependency and Neglect When a child is suspected to have been abused or neglected, the courts will intervene. For the child’s safety and protection, he or she will be placed under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. Without the right representation on your side, your parental rights could be terminated based on allegations of abuse or neglect.

Dissolution Dissolution of a marriage is the legal term for divorce in the state of Colorado. Once a marriage has been legally dissolved by the court, the couple will be legally recognized as a divorced couple. Marital dissolution must address specific financial, property, and other marital issues.

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Divorce Divorce can often result in contentious courtroom battles. If not handled properly, the emotional, financial, and legal repercussions can be felt among an entire family. A Denver family law attorney can be of assistance in resolving parenting issues, property distribution, and other matters in the marriage.

Grandparent Rights When a couple with minor children decides to separate, the grandparents have many protections afforded to them under the law so that they can maintain relationships with their grandchildren. If it is in the best interests of the children, grandparents can seek visitation rights to see their grandchildren after a divorce.

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