August 26, 2022

How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Cost?

When entering into a divorce, financial costs are always one of the top concerns for everyone involved. It’s no secret that divorce cases can drag on and quickly become expensive, but this doesn’t mean that you should allow financial concerns to dictate your decisions about your family. If you believe that a divorce is the best choice for you and your family, you shouldn’t allow the fear of expensive attorney fees to stop you. 

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at the potential costs that one can expect when pursuing a divorce in Colorado. By understanding the projected cost of a Denver divorce attorney, you can better prepare yourself for this undertaking. With all the stress and emotional trauma involved in many divorce cases, the last thing you need are surprise legal fees. 

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What Does a Divorce Attorney Do?

Before digging into potential costs, let’s start at the beginning. What does a divorce attorney actually do? And why is it important to hire one to represent your interests throughout a divorce? Essentially, a divorce lawyer represents their clients and their interests throughout the entirety of the divorce process. They’ll handle all the legal aspects of the divorce, such as gathering documents, ensuring you meet deadlines, and filing paperwork. They’ll also assess your case and circumstances to help you set realistic goals.

Essentially, the goal of a quality divorce attorney is to make this challenging and emotionally stressful experience as quick, efficient, and manageable as possible for their clients. While it may not always be easy, a good divorce attorney will leverage their legal knowledge and experience to help their clients achieve their family goals. In addition to utilizing their experience, you should look for a divorce attorney who will support you with compassion and empathy. Having a divorce attorney who cares about your needs and goals can make all the difference in a divorce.

A divorce lawyer will also represent you during negotiations. A successful negotiation takes both experience and skill, which is why you shouldn’t enter divorce negotiations alone without an experienced Denver divorce attorney in your corner. If your divorce cannot be successfully negotiated and requires a trial, your divorce attorney will also represent you in court. 

How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Cost?

When considering a divorce, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. While it should never just be about costs, you also shouldn’t ignore the fees associated with a divorce. When preparing for a divorce, there are many expenses to account for, including filing fees, court fees, sundry costs, and your divorce attorney fees.

So, how much can you expect to pay when pursuing a divorce in Colorado? There is no simple answer. The cost of a divorce will be different for everyone and the overall costs will come down to a variety of different factors. These factors include the court fees, mediators, attorneys fees, and the overall length and complications of the divorce. As one might expect, a divorce becomes much more expensive the longer it drags out. That’s why having an experienced divorce attorney or mediator who can help the spouses see eye to eye on their differences is so essential for a successful (and affordable) divorce.

Even a straightforward case like an uncontested divorce will have costs. When assessing the potential cost of a divorce, it helps to go with the average. In Colorado, statistics reveal that the average cost of a divorce ranges between $9,000 to $11,000. This number accounts for the final cost and includes all associated fees that one could expect from a divorce proceeding. 

What if I Can’t Afford to Pay Divorce Attorney Fees?

Many individuals may be hesitant to pursue a divorce due to the costs. Luckily, there are laws in place designed specifically to make the financial burden of a divorce more equitable and fair between both of the spouses. Thus, if one spouse has primary control over the finances in their marriage, the courts may actually award prospective attorney fees. This means that one spouse with more financial means may be required to pay a partial sum or the complete legal fees associated with the divorce proceeding.

In the state of Colorado, we have “Rose motions” that can ease the financial burden of a divorce. During a 2006 case, the Colorado Court of Appeals determined that a trial court may award prospective attorney fees to a spouse who does not have the financial means to fund the divorce. When filing a Rose motion, these prospective fees may cover some or all of the costs associated with the divorce, including attorney fees, court fees, and more. Therefore, if you’re filing for a divorce in Colorado but you don’t think you can afford a quality family law lawyer—think again. Ask your prospective divorce attorney to file a Rose motion for you and this may provide financial relief for you and make the divorce more equitable between each spouse. 

Conclusion – How Much Does a Divorce Attorney Cost?

Going through a divorce can be a stressful, time-consuming, and emotionally challenging time. Even an uncontested divorce, in which both parties agree to the terms of the divorce, can prove to be emotionally traumatic, stressful, and expensive. But you shouldn’t let financial concerns ever prevent you from making the right decision for yourself and your family.

Determining the cost of a Colorado divorce depends on various factors. These factors include things like filing fees, the length of the divorce, court fees, and of course, the divorce attorney fees. While the average cost of a divorce in Colorado is around $10,000, it’s important to be aware of the fact that this number can be significantly higher. That’s just one more reason why it’s so important to hire an experienced and skilled Denver divorce attorney. By doing everything they can to make the divorce process quick and efficient, you can end up saving quite a bit with your divorce. Contact us today at Peek Vasquez Family Law to learn more about how we can help you and your family. With an initial consultation, we can assess your options and set you on the path toward achieving your family goals.