June 10, 2022

5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging moments in life. But by hiring the right Denver divorce lawyer for your specific goals and needs, you can improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome and having this ordeal completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But with so many divorce lawyers out there, it can be tricky to be sure you’ve hired the right one. That’s why, in this blog, we’re reviewing 10 important things you should know about your potential Denver divorce attorney before hiring them. By taking your time and finding the right family law expert for your goals, you’ll save yourself time, money, and improve your chances of receiving an outcome that works for you.

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What Does a Divorce Attorney Do?

First things first: what does a divorce attorney do? A divorce lawyer represents individuals during a divorce to help them achieve a favorable outcome. They’ll handle all the legal aspects of the divorce and help their clients gather documents, file paperwork, and meet any and all important deadlines. They will also carefully review your case to help you understand your options and work to set realistic goals.

In the end, the purpose of a Denver divorce attorney is to make the entire divorce process as efficient, quick, and painless as possible for their clients. While they may not be able to guarantee that you’ll achieve all of your goals during the divorce, they will help you understand your case, negotiate on your behalf, and if necessary, represent you in a court of law. 

5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Divorce Attorney

Finding the right divorce lawyer takes time and careful consideration. Don’t just sign on with the first divorce attorney you see a commercial for, because they may not be the best attorney for your specific goals. Denver divorce law is complicated and you want to ensure you’re choosing an experienced, compassionate professional. Take your time and weigh your options. You can even “interview” multiple potential attorneys to see which one seems right for you.

Before hiring an attorney for your divorce, here are 5 things you should know:

  1. Legal experience: like any other profession, having the right experience is essential for success in divorce law. Make sure to learn more about the specific experience of your potential attorney before working together. Not only do you want an experienced attorney, but also one with specific experience (and a high rate of success) on divorce cases similar to yours.
  2. Good communication: clear and consistent communication is key when it comes to getting through a divorce. Make sure to learn more about the communication strategies of your divorce attorney (this is where the “interview” process can really come in handy). Is it easy to get in touch with them when you need their assistance? Can you speak directly to your attorney or are you continually routed elsewhere? Determine the answer to these questions early on for a smoother overall process.
  3. Client reviews: one of the most effective ways to gain objective insight into working with a particular divorce attorney is by reading client reviews and testimonials. Client reviews can provide real, unbiased information into what it’s like being represented by a certain attorney. Of course, remember to take these online reviews with a grain of salt. It’s normal, and even expected, for any law office to have a few negative reviews. But if you’re seeing far more negative than positive experiences, this could be an early indicator to continue your search.
  4. Compassion and care: while the legal world may seem cold and harsh, the best divorce attorneys understand the value of empathy and compassion. A divorce is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can undergo, which is why you want to ensure you’re working with someone who truly cares and puts this empathy into practice by how they conduct their work. For example, when handling a sensitive issue like Denver child support, compassion is essential for everyone involved, especially the children. Many clients note that they can quickly assess a family law attorneys level of compassion after an initial consultation.
  5. Attorney fees: it’s no secret that a divorce can be a very costly undertaking. This becomes especially true if the divorce becomes more complex and drags on when the former spouses can’t reach an agreement. Be sure to carefully review the potential attorney fees so you can get an idea as to whether or not they will fit your budget. The best Denver divorce lawyers will be sure to do everything they can to settle your divorce quickly so you’re not left paying for endless hours as the divorce wears on. 

Conclusion – 5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Divorce Attorney

Going through a divorce, even an uncontested divorce, can be an extremely stressful and emotional time. When trying to achieve the most favorable result for your entire family, the last thing you should have to worry about is paperwork and legal procedures. When you feel most isolated, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through a divorce proceeding by yourself. Call on the assistance of Peek Family Law, an experienced and compassionate divorce law firm who can support you and help you achieve your goals.

When you hire an experienced Colorado divorce lawyer, you’ll have an expert on your side who can help you assess your legal situation and set realistic, attainable goals. Your divorce attorney can also clearly map out the best course of action for your case. They’ll work diligently and efficiently to ensure the process is completed as quickly as possible to reduce stress on the family as a whole.

But remember: don’t simply hire any local divorce lawyer. Take your time and thoroughly vet your potential candidates. Find a divorce attorney who can communicate consistently and effectively so you always know the status of your case. Do a little online research, especially focusing on client reviews, to learn more about what it’s like being represented by this specific law firm. 

Of course, you should also take into account other factors, such as the attorney fees and what types of cases they usually represent—and win. When it comes to undergoing a divorce, don’t feel like you’re all alone. Hire the right Denver divorce attorney for your legal needs to give yourself the best chance possible to achieve your legal and family goals.

Contact us today at Peek Family Law to learn more about how we can help you through your divorce proceeding. With our easy consultation process, years of experience, and a team of family law experts, we can set you on the right path toward achieving your goals.