September 30, 2022

What is Family Law?

When you’re facing a legal matter that will impact the relationships in your family, you shouldn’t hire any general lawyer for your legal needs. Instead, you’ll want an attorney who has the specific experiences and resources to help you attain your goals. This is where family law comes in. Family law is a specific field of legal practice that focuses on legal matters concerning the relationships of family members, such as a divorce or adoption. 

In this blog, we’re taking a closer look into the world of family law and the different types of cases that can be handled by a family law attorney. If your family is facing a legal issue, remember that you’re not alone. Family law attorneys have the experience, resources, and empathy to navigate your family through these difficult times. 

Peek Vasquez Family Law is your trusted Denver family law firm. Our experienced and compassionate divorce attorneys can help you navigate any legal issues affecting your family. In addition to representing Denver divorce cases, our legal team also specializes in different types of family law cases, including adoptions, alimony, common law marriages, child custody, and more. If you’re in need of representation for a family law issue, Peek Vasquez Family Law is here to ensure your rights are protected. 

What is Family Law?

Family law is a specific area of legal practice that focuses on cases involving family relationships. Many of the most common family law cases include adoption, divorce, child support, alimony, and more. Family law attorneys have specific experience representing these cases and negotiating on their client’s behalf. They can also support their clients by drafting critical legal documents, such as a court petition, when engaged in a family law case. 

Certain family law offices may specialize in unique aspects of this field. For example, some may focus on child-related cases, such as adoption, paternity, or emancipation. Other family law attorneys may focus specifically on divorce cases. If your family is facing a legal dispute that could alter the relationships within your family, you may need to call on the assistance of a family law attorney. 

What are the Different Cases Common in Family Law?

While we know that Denver divorce lawyer can certainly represent you in a divorce case, usually these attorneys can do even more. An experienced family law office will be able to represent many different types of cases. Essentially, almost any type of legal case that involves the relationships within a family will fall under the umbrella of “family law.”

Some of the most common types of family law cases include:

1. Divorce: every divorce is unique—just like the needs of every family. When you work with a Denver divorce attorney, they will inform you of your rights throughout every stage of the entire divorce process. From the initial filing to the finalization, a divorce lawyer will be at your side and assist you and your family through the process to hopefully reach an optimal resolution that benefits all parties involved. Whether pursuing a collaborative divorce, uncontested divorce, contested divorce, or a dissolution, these family law experts can improve your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

2. Child custody: if you have children and you’re entering a divorce or marriage dissolution, their interests must come first. Determining child custody can be a tricky process, but a family law attorney can guide you through the process and ensure that your rights as a parent are protected.

3. Child support: in the event of a divorce or legal separation, child support is a common issue that needs to be addressed. Colorado courts operate under the assumption that children have the legal right to be financially supported by both of their parents. If one parent is no longer residing with them, they still must provide this support. In the event of a divorce or dissolution, courts will require that parents must financially support any children, as long as they are a minor, from the marriage.

4. Alimony: also known as spousal maintenance in Colorado, alimony is the financial support a spouse pays to a dependent spouse following a divorce or dissolution. Determining the amount of alimony takes many factors into consideration, including age, income, length of the marriage, and more. The court may award spousal support to a dependent spouse for a specific amount of time depending on these factors.

5. Adoption: the decision to adopt a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. However, there are many legal concerns to be aware of before a successful adoption can be finalized.

6. Common law marriage in Colorado: a common law marriage is a union between two adults where they may have not purchased a marriage license or had a traditional marriage ceremony, but they are still recognized as married by the state. It’s important to note that common law marriages are not recognized in every state. In fact, only 10 states and DC recognize common law marriages and the rules that dictate common law marriages will vary from state to state.

7. Mediation: mediation and arbitration are two methods of alternative dispute resolution that a family law attorney can help lead and guide you through. While a trial may be inevitable for some divorce cases, it’s advisable for most to reach a conclusion during the negotiation phase. Having a family law attorney who can successfully negotiate your divorce or child custody case during mediation can save you time and money and lessen the emotional impact on the entire family.

8. Psychological parenting rights: the term “psychological parenting” refers to whoever looks after and cares for a young child in their early years. The psychological parent can take many different forms, such as an adoptive parent, foster parent, or any other non-biological parent. Generally, the psychological parent is someone who is deeply rooted in the child’s everyday life and makes decisions for the child as a biological parent would.

Conclusion – What is Family Law?

While many people think of visiting a lawyer’s office following a car accident or other type of personal injury, there are many reasons why you may need the assistance of an attorney. Family law is a specific legal field that handles cases related to the wellbeing of families. Whether you’re pursuing a divorce, adoption, child custody case, mediation, common law marriage, or any other legal issue concerning your family, you owe it to yourself to visit an experienced family law office. 

A family law attorney can help you understand your situation, set realistic goals, and improve your chances of protecting the rights of yourself and your family. The most successful family lawyers are not just experienced and dedicated. They also have the empathy and compassion to effectively represent these delicate cases. 

Contact us today at Peek Vasquez Family Law to learn more about how we can help you and your family. With our initial consultation, we can assess your options from a legal standpoint and set you on the best path toward achieving your family goals.