October 8, 2020

Colorado’s Relocation Process Explained

The twists and turns of life may cause one parent sharing custody of a child to wish to move to a community substantially further away, thus making it largely more inconvenient for the custody agreement as is to continue. When this is the case, each state has a legal process set in place for negotiating this relocation and in turn revisiting the parenting and custody plans to come to a new agreement.

Is the relocation permissible?
The desire of one parent to move in this way is often objected by the other parent, thus requiring the need to open a relocation dispute case. A standard procedure for these cases was set in 2001 which requires parents with whom a child resides with most of the time and wishes to relocate over a substantial distance to send the other parent a written notice.

This notice must include:

  • The requesting parent’s intent to move
  • The location they plan on moving to
  • The reasons for moving
  • A proposed new parenting plan and schedule

This request must also be filed in Colorado family court, which in turn will determine if the relocation is in the best interests of the children involved. Will the move improve their lives? Will it inhibit their ability to see one parent? Is the move designed to prevent the parent who does not have the majority custody over their children from having access to them? These are all questions the court will consider before coming to a decision on the permissibility of the relocation.

Determining a New Parenting Plan
In the event of objections from the other parent, a new parenting plan will have to be created through the family mediation process. This will likely change the amount of visitation both parents have, as well as responsibility for travel and could potentially also impact things such as spousal maintenance if any additional expenses will occur. In any case, it is important for both parents to work together to come to a decision that benefits the family as a whole, particularly the needs of the children who will face a significant change in their upbringing as a result of a relocation.
It is strongly advised that any parents seeking relocation or who harbor objections to a relocation request secure the services of a family attorney who can represent the best interests of your family and stand up for your rights as a parent in order to determine the best possible outcome in a relocation case.

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