November 3, 2018

How divorce affects insurance

When you and your spouse obtain a divorce, you will have to go through what may be a long and complex process of dividing your possessions. Many couples, however, are not aware of how their insurance coverage is handled.
Who gets to keep a policy? What happens to any benefits?

These are all questions that are frequently asked and can sometimes be complex when taken to court. As with all of the other major factors, each divorce case is unique and you should speak to an attorney for personalized advice that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Car Insurance
As soon as your divorce is finalized (along with the property division of who takes which car), call your company and let them know about the separation. You both may need to take out new policies under your own name, and you may lose some discounts that you had before. This may be a good opportunity to shop around and compare rates to help save you some money.

Home Insurance
Once your divorce becomes finalized, the spouse who takes possession of the home should be the only one on the homeowners’ insurance policy. Call your company and make this switch as soon as possible. Likewise, the spouse who moves out may wish to take out insurance for their new living situation, whether it is, to protect them in the event someone gets injured at their home or their child causes accidental damage.

Health Insurance
If you have your own health insurance through your employer, you can easily keep it after your divorce, but must remove your spouse as a dependent. If you were a dependent on your spouse’s policy, you can purchase your own private insurance or opt into your employers if they offer it. If neither of these are an option you could sign up for an extension of your ex’s plan but pay for it yourself through the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). This allows you an extension of up to 36 months.

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