April 9, 2021

The Qualities of a Good Family Lawyer

In family law matters such as divorce and child custody, the quality of counsel you retain can play an enormous role in the outcome of your case. It can be hard to know what to look for – although online reviews are helpful, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting with your attorney. In this blog, we discuss five qualities which indicate that a lawyer is at the top of their game.

At Peek Vasquez, LLC (former Peek Family Law LLC), we pride ourselves on being the best family law attorneys in the area. Through years of experience and success for our clients, we know what it takes to be the lawyer a struggling family needs. 

Whether it’s empathy, logic, or problem-solving skills, a stellar family lawyer needs to be able to talk to a variety of different people and family types and structures. Keep reading to learn more about which qualities to look for in your family lawyer. 

1. They Are Logical

In family law cases, it is absolutely crucial to choose a Denver family law attorney who can think logically. In contentious cases like divorce or child custody, your lawyer needs to be able to advise you of your best interests at a time when you are likely overcome with emotions. A logical lawyer has the tools to put together clear, effective legal strategies. 

While it may be a turbulent experience to go through a tough divorce, a good family law attorney stays consistent and calm throughout the process for you. They’ll deliver clear and concise counsel about how to move forward to help you achieve your goal in the divorce. 

2. They Are Creative

Legal matters are rarely black or white, and this is especially true for family law. For example, child custody matters are often decided based on the “best interests of the child,” but this is very subjective. It’s important to have a lawyer on your side who can develop creative solutions to the challenges you may face, and who can think on their feet. 

They can also deliver unbiased opinions and counsel as a third party, which is often needed in a tightly contested divorce or non-amicable situation. Your family lawyer should be a problem-solver for you and your case. It’s their job to come up with beneficial solutions for both parties, or work out compromises that both sides can get behind. 

3. They Are Well-Spoken

An attorney’s ability to talk is often their greatest weapon. This is true in the courtroom, and is equally true in mediation and other negotiations. You want a lawyer who can communicate clearly and effectively to make sure your voice is heard. They can also serve as a sensible mediator in situations where tempers may flare or personal disagreements are occurring. 

They need to be a solid peacekeeper for both sides and work towards positive outcomes in a tough situation. They can also explain legal processes and ramifications in plain terms so both parties comprehensively understand the process and the pros and cons of proceeding in one direction or the other. 

Also, if the divorce does go to court, they can speak on your behalf and represent you with a depth of knowledge about legal processes you might not possess. 

4. They Are Compassionate, Friendly, and Empathetic

This one is a bit more specific to family law – in matters of criminal defense or business litigation, you may want a lawyer who is cold and calculating, not warm and friendly. In a divorce or child custody matter, however, you want an attorney who understands your goals, your desired situation, and your concerns. A lawyer who will take the time to listen is typically a lawyer who cares about helping you resolve your legal issues.

A family lawyer needs to be empathetic to a variety of different family circumstances or units. They should be able to understand both sides of a divorce and come to a positive resolution that is civil and beneficial to both sides. 

A family is a sensitive unit, and it only gets more sensitive when difficult situations arise and need legal attention. An empathic family lawyer can settle tension, provide options for moving forward, and keep your best interests in mind. 

5. They Are Knowledgeable

The family law matters you may be facing can impact the rest of your life, in many ways that you may not expect. It’s important to have an advocate on your side who understands how these matters will affect you. A good Denver divorce attorney will advise you as to the best course of action at every step of the process. 

They’ll also provide you with pros and cons of taking specific courses of action. If your case needs to go to court, they can represent you and introduce arguments on your behalf with the full knowledge of the goals you wish to attain. 

They can also prevent you from having to go to court by advising you in the right direction for an amicable agreement. You may walk into a family law firm with the sole goal of having a contested and fiery divorce. But a family law attorney could shed light on the ramifications of such a process, and change your mind, saving you time, money, and stress you would have spent otherwise. 


Legal issues pertaining to the family are never easy or simple. Instead of going into court or a legal battle blind, trust an experienced family law attorney to do the heavy lifting for you. They can advise you about potential courses of action, the pros and cons of these decisions, and provide an empathic, unbiased opinion on the situation. It could save you time, money, and heartache, and could even provide a positive resolution you didn’t think was possible. 

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