September 3, 2019

Three ways to help your divorce attorney

Your divorce attorney has a very difficult job to do. Not only are they an individual who is qualified to handle the incredible legal complexity that can emerge in a divorce case, but they can also provide you with effective counsel and even emotional support through this stressful and difficult time.

However, there are ways you too can help your own case proceed better by helping your divorce attorney do their job to the best of their ability. In fact, following these steps will not only make your attorney happier to assist you through your case, but it can even help your case come to a conclusion that is closer to your own goals and will therefore make you more satisfied in the end.

Below are three valuable ways in which you can assist your attorney with your case:

Prepare for Every Meeting or Appointment
Your attorney’s time is extremely valuable, and while it is important that they dedicate as much of it to your case as necessary, it is still important to respect that you may not be their only client at any given time. Therefore, when you schedule a meeting or an appointment with your attorney, it’s important to prepare to the best of your ability.
An unprepared client shows up to meetings and either has not completed the proper paperwork or has not brought the materials their attorney requests ultimately will wind up wasting a considerable amount of time, which is frustrating to all parties involved in a case. It can also be costly as well, as these wasted appointments can add loads of unnecessary expense into your attorney fees.

Listen to Your Lawyer’s Advice
Your attorney should always listen to your goals and needs first and place them at the forefront of their strategy. However, that being said your attorney also has a duty to set realistic goals for your case, and advise you on the best method to achieving them. If your attorney says that your goals are impossible or not ideal for the best wishes of your family, it is important to heed their advice. Any reputable attorney will not attempt to persuade you to settle for an outcome that will ultimately be detrimental to your happiness or well-being.

Make an Effort to Cooperate
Cooperation with your ex is the most important part of any divorce case. Spouses who make a genuine, concerted effort to work together to come to a mutually beneficial outcome that will leave both of them in the best possible situation after the conclusion of their case often reach far more satisfactory outcomes and even can leave their divorce case harboring few ill feelings towards the other, if any at all. Also, these usually finish much quicker, which can lead to a significant savings in legal fees.
Couples that do not work together frequently get exactly the opposite: a long, contentious, and drawn-out process filled with stressful and emotionally strenuous courtroom hearings. It is not uncommon for spouses in both of these cases to harbor lots of ill will towards each other when the case ends, regardless of how the major issues are handled. This is also a rough situation for your attorney, as they will frequently be forced to pursue less-than-ideal options and will even find it difficult to do their job to the best of their ability.

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